3 Season 10 Episode

A Ghost Along the Mississippi

General information

Episode TitleA Ghost Along the Mississippi
Air date2016-01-29


The Originals 3×10
The Originals 3×10
The Originals 3×10
The Originals 3×10

Synopsis of The Originals 3×10

In the aftermath of a horrific plan that left Cami dead, Klaus declares war on Aurora and Tristan. Elsewhere, Vincent, who has resumed his role as Regent to the New Orleans witches, is forced to use his magic against his will, while Hayley and Jackson ind themselves pawns in Tristan’s twisted game. Finally, after learning that Tristan is in possession of a powerful weapon that could take their family down once and for all, Klaus, Elijah and Freya enact a risky plan that leads to a tense showdown with The Strix.


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